Freestyle & Greco Off-Season Wrestling


To give kids the opportunity to improve their wrestling skills locally without having to pay large sums of money. Other off-season programs charge anywhere from $500-$1800 for their spring session. We can afford to charge a lot less because we are not running a business. Instead we are trying to win a state championship. Practicing Freestyle and Greco is the perfect way to do this.
We will be focusing on the international styles of Greco and Freestyle wrestling, exclusively. Training in both of these disciplines will enhance body awareness, quickness, and competitiveness that will translate into wins in folk style. We will be promoting an approach to wrestling that allows risk taking. Within the bounds of sport our program will encourage the excessive uses of force. We will approach our limitations as often as possible, and on occasion … to our initial surprise…exceed them.

Why Freestly & Greco?

All of the top wrestlers in the state wrestle year round and focus on Freestyle and Greco in the spring and summer. The Fox Lake Wrestling Club will be no different, focusing on the fundamental skills of wrestling while using proven techniques used on all levels of competition. We will use this fundamental approach as a building block with which to progress into techniques that enables scoring in Freestyle and Greco.


Practice will be Tuesday-Thursday 5:30-7:30pm

Practice begins after IKWF state (Tuesday 3/19/19), in the Grant High School Wrestling Room

How to Register

  • Click the Off Season Registration Button Below to enter your wrestler information and process payment.
  • Please be sure to select the Off Season Registration option. Fee is $125/wrestler.

Freestyle Greco Registration

Red & Blue Competition Singlets

Red & blue singlets are required for Freestlye and Greco tournaments. If your wrestler does not already have their own, you can order them by clicking below. Please note the club does not have these singlets to loan out. We have partnered with Go Earn It to provide you bundle pricing.

click to order singlets

USA Card Requirements

All participants are required to have a USA wrestling card to attend any practices or tournaments. If you do not already have an account, you will need to create one. You will then complete the USA membership card application and process your payment. Please make sure you select Fox Lake Wrestling Club as your affiliated team.

If you have not wrestled before, you will need to send in your birth certificate as part of the USA card application. Please pay attention for these instructions. 

Click here to get your usa wrestling card